See example POM Configuration.

1 Identify our project

Fully qualified name of project is “<groupId>:<artifactId>:<version>”. If groupId is a domain, it will be transformed into directory path while downloading. Download something with groupId=org.X.A from will download things from in the end.

2 Inheritance

When we have two projects, A and B, A is supposed to be parent project of B. You have to specify the pom.xml of project B to indicate that the parent of B is A with the groupId, artifactId and version of A. You can remove the groupId and version of B to make A and B have the same /groupId and version. One can also indicate the <relativePath> for parent project to put the A and B in the same directory level.

B inherite the dependencies from A.所以parent用来继承POM,dependency 用来解决代码依赖. parent的项目在代码上没有关系.

The packages downloaded by maven are put under HOME.m2/repository/.

所有 POM.xml 里面的元素都可以用 ${project.A.B.C} 的方式进行引用.比 方说如果在 XML 根路径下有这样的结构 <A><B>lalala<C>blabla<C/></B></A>, ${project.A.B.C} 就等于 blabla.

3 Tasks

首先,maven可以使用一系列的plugin来支持各种功能,包括发布,运行测试等 等.在使用 spring-boot-maven-plugin 的时候,可以用 mvn spring-boot:run 来运行程序. spring-boot 应该是plugin的名字, run 则是定义好的task. 在使用 maven-scala-plugin 的时候,如果加入以下设 置


运行 mvn scala:testCompile 则只会编译test部分的代码.