Web server service

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1 Windows

From control panel launch the applications, then …, select IIS service and redirect the web-page location to your web page folder.

2 Linux

2.1 Apache server.

  1. Install Apache: sudo apt-get install apache2. Then you will see something on localhost.
  2. Restart the apache server to enable the modified settings: sudo apachectl -k restart, sudo is necessary to make the command run successfully.
  3. Configure the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/*default to indicate the web page folder.
  4. I tried to modify the configuration file to indicat directly the web page folder to the absolute path or relative path via symbolic link of the published html files located on the NTFS partition. But it never works even if I give all access permission through the mounting option in /etc/fstab.
  5. When I create an ext4 partition and mount it under /home folder, put the Emacs/org/publish under /home/[USER] and then create a symbolic link Public -> Emacs/org/publish under the user's folder. The access from localhost works properly.
  6. Considering the points 4 and 5, I suspect it is because I discarded a mounting option user for the NTFS partition. But it is discarded to enable the files on the partition executable since user option marsked exec option in my system.

3 Mac OS X

3.1 Default web server service

Author: Xiao LIU

Created: 2014-10-29 Wed 18:05

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